Garage Door Safety Tips

The Do's and Do Not's of Garage Doors
The largest moving object in your home (your automatic garage door) is powered by electricity driving an electric motor. That's a combination of very powerful forces. Without adequate safety precautions, it also can be a recipe for disaster!
US Inspect did a great segment on Garage Door Safety Click anywhere on the page to CLOSE the video Brought to you by US Inspect® (3:03)
With the safety of your children, your neighbors, your pets and even yourself at risk, certain rules of operation become necessary.

Here are the DO NOT'S:
  • DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN TO PLAY WITH AUTOMATIC GARAGE DOOR REMOTES! They are NOT toys. Do you really want to trust a small child with a force that powerful?
  • DO NOT STAND OR WALK UNDER A MOVING DOOR. Or let children see you do so.
  • DO NOT ALLOW A PUSH BUTTON WALL CONTROL TO BE PLACED LESS THAN 5ft FROM THE FLOOR. Those buttons shine brightly and are way too much temptation for children to resist.
Here are the DO'S:
  • DO.. Keep the door in sight until it is all the way down. Especially when children or pets are around.
  • DO.. Routinely inspect the door for proper operation.
  • DO.. Call Professional Garage Doors for an annual preventive maintenance inspection to guarantee the proper and safe operation of your automatic garage door!
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