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Broken Spring Repair

We are repair specialists
Your garage door is the largest moving object in your home.

It's also the object under the most stress. There is a long list of parts including high tension springs, cables, rollers, tracks, gears and remotes that comprise the modern garage door and all must work perfectly every time just to make your garage door safely go up and down.
It is highly recommended that at least an annual inspection be made and yearly maintenance be done to guarantee the safe operation of ALL garage doors.

Professional Garage Doors has the very best maintenance contract in the business.

For an annual charge of only $89, we offer a 20-point yearly preventative maintenance contract that includes lubrication where needed as well as inspecting spring tension, rollers and cables.
Professional Garage Door Repair
Our expert service technicians will carefully inspect and address any safety issues your garage door may have.

When your garage door needs repair, we understand that your time is important. Our company offers prompt, courteous service and we will complete your repairs in a timely manner.

Whether you need a minor repair, a new opener or a brand new door, we can service your needs and we want your business!

Repair Services we offer
  • Trained to service all brands of garage door openers
  • Insured technicians driving lettered, company-owned vehicles - NO SUBCONTRACTORS
  • Fully stocked vehicles and two-hour window service call appointments - RESPONSIVE & EFFICIENT
  • 20-Point Safety Inspection
  • Garage Door Parts Replacement - Broken Springs - Broken Cables - Broken or Worn Rollers - Bent, Misaligned or rusted Track - Etc
  • Garage Door Opener repair or replacement
  • Garage Door Section or Panel replacement
  • Garage Door replacement
  • Garage Door Hardware Overhauls
  • Noisy Garage Door Silenced
Garage Door Repair

Common Garage Door problems
  • Loose Cables
  • Gear stripped
  • Broken Springs
  • Torsion Springs
  • Broken Hinges
  • Snapped Cables
  • Dented Sections
  • Torsion Cables
  • Extension Cables
  • Extension Springs
  • Remote not working
  • Keypad not working
  • Garage door off track
  • Garage door crooked
  • Garage door won't open
  • Garage door won’t close
  • Springs loosing tension
  • Wall button not working
  • Garage door half way open
  • Garage door opener not working
  • Opener making humming or clicking noise
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